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by Dawn Clement

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Pretending 04:39
V1 - All the love but half the fight The dreams that linger float through the night But you don’t listen, you don’t care You’d trade it in for another day V2 - What has got you so afraid Remember this, it’s just a phase But you don’t listen, you look away You’d trade it in not to ever have to say CH - Anything at all You’d pay big money just to stall But your currency is meaningless to me Why pay for distance when talk is free V3 - …..Why so unclear ? Pretending that you aren’t even here It’s getting old then new again I’d trade it in not to ever have to say
V1 – Water Color words like raindrops in a glass, smudges shapes and shades that never last A treasure in a letter, water color words I can’t make out How can I forget them if I never even read them? CH – Less than one year Less than one day Less than one minute til I’m V2 – Dying to be with you lying in my arms Gone before you got here, fleeting moments in a storm The road is like a river and the rapids wash you out And now you’re in a sea where no one sees you CH – Peace from that great river Patching holes, in my heart, goodbye, before hello
Counting 03:21
COUNTING This one is about a soul searching friend who has spent his whole life trying to find the thing, the woman, the pet, the friends, the car, the drugs, and keeps coming up empty. We will be including the acoustic version of this on the album with a plan to release the remix w/ the beat later as a little bonus. No video ideas yet. Prodigal son, modern day. A revival. V1 – He’s lost the sun and now he’s running back after it’s over Racing the darkness that keeps creepin’ in He’s lookin’ for escape from demons who lie deep within Forgets the fire that keeps him on again CH – You’ll never be alone this may not be what you call home But can’t you rest for a moment Gone a shooting star in the night Another place another day Instr. Section – then another Chorus V2 – Counting the times that I have counted on your promises My love is strong my hope is wearing thin Can’t fight the current of love’s fear again I feel it pulling Threat’ning to rush away what might begin Instr. Outro
Impromptu II 02:03
Islands 04:41
Intro V1 – You should feel as lucky as an Island, surrounded by a sea of love. You should be as high as a mountain, lifted by the singing of your praises. Pre-Chorus - I … I have tried I have tried love more I will sing, I will sing I will sing your praise more Interlude and saxiness over Bridge Pre-Chorus – I … I will try I will try love more I will sing, I will sing I will sing your praise more Chorus – No matter how much I love you, it will never be enough No matter how much I sing, you may not hear everything Interlude V2 – You could burn as brightly as the sun, a burn that lasts beyond today Bold and brave and beautiful Just like your name
V1 – Soon you and I will exist in different time zones While day breaks for you, night will hold me to The big wild moon V2 – I cast a wakeful light, unraveling, across the ocean While you swim in open Spanish waters Brushing the bright eyes fish V3 – I spin in a sea of yellow cars, nod off to an organ In a small church on broadway
Sunshine 03:55
V1 Sunshine, be there in the dark for me Sunshine, when you're there, you're everything I start dreamin' 'bout your light, when you'll become alive, so I can feel you when you shine on me V2 Sunshine burn bright when you're next to me Feels so good it feels like ecstasy I like to go outside, soakin' up your light, and when I think of you I'll be alright When I think of you I'll be alright. I'll be alright. CHORUS I need it, need your light, Gimme your light I need it, need your light, Gimme your light I need it, need your light. V3 Sunshine light up every path for me let me feel the love I can-not see So I can keep myself in line, body soul and mind, I'm euphoric when you shine on me. V4 Sunshine I might be a bit crazy but I know it's cuz I need your 'D' when I get too used to cold I start to lose my hold, but when I think of you I'll be alright. When I think of you I'll be alright When I think of you I'll be alright. I'll be alright. CHORUS I need it, need your light, Gimme your light I need it, need your light, Gimme your light I need it, need your light.
Impromptu I 02:02
Better Than 03:57
Tell me, what could be, better than Tell me, what could be, better than this The woods were large, 1984, back when we could wander unsupervised Train whistles, candy store, snarky little boy, singin' 50 states, that rhyme we hate. Run and Play, Run and Play Tell me, what could be, better than I wish I could go back and get off at the side White and purple yellow orange, stringin' 'long the highway I wish I could push pause and be in mid flight ultimate relief, ultimate defeat One mind, one place, one line Wildfire, Wildflower Before the day grows short, we're sneakin' off the porch and by the creek we linger to watch, twisting and turning As it Runs and Plays, Run and Play Run and Play, as it Runs and Plays Tell me, what could be, better than this, better than
Dreamer 04:34
My brother, won't you follow me? 'way from promised Destiny I'll push the gas, you hold the wheel. Please don't worry 'bout your next meal Your words are more than me my friend, that is why we will just pretend Dreamer, do you sing in key? cuz I'm good, honestly In the place that I belong, which now I see is wrong Another peaceful afternoon, think I'll throw on Drake's pink moon S'ppose I look the other way, oh well, there are other days Just listen to this song again, only then, we can just pretend Dreamer, do you sing in key? cuz I'm good, honestly In the place that I belong, which now I see is wrong


In the Fall of 2020, Dawn started writing and recording Islands. Covid provided the opportunity to create and track vocals, rhodes, and piano from home. Collaborating virtually with keyboardist/guitarist/producer Jon Solo, the album features a plethora of special guests (all recorded virtually) including Skerik, Allison Miller, and Shane Endsley. Ethereal vocals and lush rhythmic landscapes help support themes of isolation, obsession, conflict, and healing.


released October 1, 2021

Dawn Clement (vocals, rhodes) Shane Endsley (trumpet) Leigh Fisher (drums) Rob Calder (bass) Jon Solo (piano, synths)

Watercolor Words
Dawn Clement (vocals, rhodes) Galen Green (woodwinds, vocals) Jon Solo (drum programming, synths)

Dawn Clement (vocals) Monique Brooks Roberts (violin I, violin II) Jarvis Benson (viola) Malcolm Parson (cello)

Impromptu 2
Dawn Clement (piano)

Dawn Clement (vocals, rhodes) Skerik (saxophone) Mark Stepro (drums) Jon Solo (organ, synths)

The New Yorker
Dawn Clement (vocals, piano) Poem by Megan Fernandez

Dawn Clement (vocals, piano) Kathy Moore (electric guitar) Jon Solo (rhodes, synths)

Impromptu 1
Dawn Clement (piano)

Better Than
Dawn Clement (vocals) Jon Solo (drum programming, piano, synths)

Dawn Clement (vocals, piano) Allison Miller (drums) Jon Hamar (bass) Dave Devine (guitar) Monique Brooks Roberts (violin)

All songs written by Dawn Clement except
Better Than (music by Jon Solo, lyrics by Dawn Clement)
Sunshine (music and lyrics by Elvin James Hodges and Dawn Clement) and
Dreamer written by Jon Solo
All lead vocals and piano engineered by Dawn Clement except
Dreamer engineered by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jon Solo at Solo Studios in Brooklyn, NY
Artwork by Stefan Udziela


all rights reserved



Dawn Clement Denver, Colorado

Pianist/Vocalist Dawn Clement is an established performing artist. Pianist for säje, Priester’s Cue, Arts and Crafts, and others, Dawn has also been composing songs for almost a Decade, her music has been described as “Ahmad Jamal playing duets with Blossom Dearie except they’re in modern-day Brooklyn having drinks with Dirty Projectors and Sufjan Stevens”. ... more

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